WhatsApp challenge


  1.  Share with us 15 contacts of people from Zimbabwe click enter challenge
  2. But first come up with a secret number and share with your contacts together with this link https://bit.ly/38BEWch.
  3. We will send a message to your contacts you will share with us and we will ask them a question. All your contacts should answer the question correctly.
  4. All your contacts should be reachable on WhatsApp.
  5.  Duplicate contact numbers will not be considered, be it from one person or from two or more different people.
  6. A challenger can only participate once, not multiple times, as a challenger but will be counted as someone else’s contact.
  7. It should be possible for us to transfer or send money to the winner wherever they are.

 Relaxation of rules

Depending on the responses, we might reduce the required number of contacts to not less than 10 for a person to win a prize

General information

  • Please note it will be helpful if you can share contacts of people who really need assistance to buy and transport goods to Zimbabwe during this time of COVID 19 be it for personal or small business purposes.
  • Please feel free to contacts us if you have any questions or if you need clarity, we find joy in that and we will respond with pleasure.
  • Also we have more challenges and specials coming soon, so please stay alert and don’t miss out. 
  • Borders are closed for people but not for goods, business has to continue and life has to be lived, COVID or no COVID

Cash prize R150

Each winner will way walk away with R150 cash!!! That’s a great prize without any sweat. Hurry and win yourself some free cash.